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DJ Swamp Izzo: Life Is Good

When The Man, The Myth ,The Legend pulls up. He will set the spot on Flames!! We had a chance to talk with Swamp Izzo. If you ever in Atlanta just mention Izzo and follow the brick road!

Dj Swamp Izzo

City :




Career Path:

Dj / Artist / Actor/ radio personality


Hiphop/ R&B DirtySouth

Where do you spin at?

V103 / Xm Radio (Hiphopnation) Blue Flame Lounge also Tour DJ

Are you associated with any DJ crews?

( No DJ Crew ) Hoodrich Entertainment are my family and management team. We are not a DJ crew lotta people get that misconstrued.

How did you get the DJ name Swamp Izzo?

My Dj name came from a childhood friend ( Kemp) Jokingly gave me the name & pressed business card with the name on it an passed them out all over the city. I just kept it because everybody’s was calling me it being funny.

Explain to us your first Dj gig.

My first Dj gig was actually pretty dope it was at a club called Chase Lounge. I’m 13 or 14 I was rocking for the older people. I experienced club fights it was like dream come true lol.

What was your worst experience as a DJ?

My worst experience ever Djing. I got to say is being left out the country. I think that goes down in my top 1. I remember one time I was the DJ in for little Scrappy and we went to Bermuda. While on stage the crew got amped off the crunk music an started throwing shit on stage. Scrappy went crazy and a big fight broke out an we left. I didn’t wanna go back to the rooms so we hit the airport an thanks to Jankee promoters. I didn’t have a return flight home so now I’m stuck sleeping at the airport no money an flight (crazy).

What makes a dj an irreplaceable DJ in a club setting ?

I could be real cocky saying that I’m irreplaceable but everybody just depends on who’s the hungriest. When I moved to Atlanta I think my hunger was bigger than a lot of people. It was how I got on. I wasn’t taking no for an answer! I was in close to the lights came on. I remember those days Gloves use to stay open five or six in the morning or later I was out there dreaming. Just waiting on my turn all I need the DJ to do was one thing.................... Get Tired.

Have you ever been on tour as a DJ ? If so, who were you on the road with?

I’ve been touring for like 15 years or longer. This is crazy because I don’t think I haven’t toured with a major artist from Atlanta. I’ve been on tour with Crime Mobb. I’ve toured with Boyz in the Hood. I was Gorilla Zoe’s first DJ. I toured with D4L as a group. I’ve toured with Fabo as a solo artist. I’ve even toured with Shawty Lo. I was his official DJ his whole career. Ive toured with Gucci Mane. I Dj for Future first shows in the beginning of his career. Of course I was Young Thug official DJ when he got started. I’ve toured with Big Bank Black. Also we did a whole South East Asia tour with Obama. Rocko, Young Ralph, and Young Scooter just to name a few. I can't name them all.

What artist music do you feel you broke their record?

Broke......... I believe that question goes to a lot of DJs. They try to find a name for themselves. I took chances with artist. So I don’t wanna get into the conversation of who broke what artist. My belief if you got paid anything with all this you just did your JOB . I gave my gift to a lot of artists so I like the word create. For instance Young Scooter, Young Thug, Ralo, Shawty Lo ( Dj Scream gave me an alley oop ) ask Future.

Let me give ya'll a little exclusive.... Young Scooter dropped his mixtape first wayyyyyyyyy before Future it was called "Plugg Talk". I like the voice I started the mixtape off with. The song he featured on called "REAL DIAMONDS" do your research ( He was using the name THE FUTURE ) I’ve put in on a lot more artist. But my movie otw lol.

Do you think the record labels should come to DJs for what's next coming out of a city?

The world has changed so labels are not coming to the clubs looking for the next record. Especially when they can just pick up the phone and find the biggest talent in the world.

Do you feel DJs can replace A&Rs?

DJs can’t replace A&Rs. Instagram YouTube ,TickTock ,Snapchat and Facebook has.

What is a pet peeve that you hate the most about Djing?

I got a lot of pet peeve's. I think the one of the most crazy things I’ve ever heard is artist say break my record and I’ll let u work for me.

Is it hard to maintain a life and family while being a DJ?

This DJing occupation is crazy it takes a real toll on your life and family. You miss various holidays. Especially if you have a big DJ name Christmas, New Year’s, Fourth of July weekend GONE! Memorial Day weekend GONE! Birthdays if it falls on the wrong day GONE!

Do you still get nervous in front of large crowds?

I’ve been rocking large crowds for a long time. I STILL GET BUTTERFLIES LMAO

Do you feel DJ's are paid enough for the work they have to do?

A old man once told me "You never get what you deserve, only what you negotiate"

What is the most wildest experience you have had as a DJ?

Wow! My wildest experience as a DJ had to be me and DJ ED and Iraq. I still can’t believe I was over there to DJ for the troops.

What’s your GO-TO song when you're ready to turn a party up?

My go to song right now because the vibe is crazy on earth. I think it would have to be Young Thug featuring Gunna HOT. Not because it’s new. I'm a real DJ. I gotta play something that everybody knows (message lol)

What’s your GO-TO song when you're ready to turn a party up?

Working on my "Album Box Chevy Musiq". Under Cash Money Records My movie titled "I CAME FROM NOTHING"

How can people reach you to send their music or request your services? You can keep in touch with me here: Instagram @swampizzo Facebook swampizzo Twitter @swampizzo TikTok @swampizzotpu Booking

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