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DJ She Real: The Is No 1 Realer

Dallas, Texas very own, Dj She Real chops it up with Fresh Mix Magazine about what it's like to live, breath, and be a dedicated DJ.

How did you come up with your DJ name?

My DJ name is a spin off of my real name, which is Sherell. At the time I broke my name up for a twitter handle and decided to make it as my DJ name; everybody already knew me as She Real.

How was your first gig as a DJ ?

My first gig as a Dj was nerve wrecking and super exciting at the same time. I spent a lot of time practicing, so I was ready to show it off.

What was your worst experience as a DJ ?

My worst experience as a DJ is having my hard drive crash seconds before a performance.

What makes a DJ an irreplaceable DJ in a club setting ?

Having a DJ that can create an experience for their audience, by not only playing music.That takes learning from human interactions and reactions.

What artist music do you feel you broke their record?

Definitely City Girls in Dallas from the clubs to viral mix videos to the radio.

Do you think the record labels should come to DJs for what's next coming out of a city?

Yes! Oftentimes, labels bring the wrong singles to push. They pick the song that is chosen at board meetings, instead of listening to the streets.

Do you feel DJs can replace A&Rs?

Most definitely.

Is it hard to maintain a life and family while being a DJ?

No, but it easily can be all DJs should have multiple streams of income.

What’s your GO-TO song when you're ready to turn a party up?

Future; shit is an energy built up for take off.

What do you have planned next as a DJ?

Producing and hopefully touring.

How can people reach you to send their music or request your services?

They can send music to and for booking inquiries, everyone can contact me at,

- Georgette Smith

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