Widely regarded as one of the best DJs in the southern region, Brooklyn born now Atlanta resident DJ Waffles has bootstrapped his way up the ladder of independent DJs and radio personalities.   Starting off in the engineer seat at famed Be100 Radio, he caught a wave of ambition stemming from his love for the music becoming a self-taught master of the 1s and 2s. Parlaying relationships and his personable disposition into opportunity he would eventually sit at the helm of the top rated show catered to breaking independent artists, as well as highlighting Top 40 and Hot 200 caliber hits transcending genres. Subsequent appearances on We TV's Growing Up Hip Hop as well as hitting the road as the official tour for the likes of Kash Doll and Johnni Blaze has down wonders in bolstering a resume which already included work with Monster Headphones at major festivals such as A3C and SXSW as well as feature in publications such as Royal Press Magazine, Lavish Life Magazine, G Mix Magazine and more.


His current focus in the launch of his Padded Room series and Fresh Out The Waffle Iron brand of mixtapes as well as his co-hosting with DJ Envy on Scott King's Striving For Greatness which is slated to release later this year.  The Padded Room is the meeting ground for dope artists to unite, with no limits or boundaries.   Defining a niche where the void will be filled for artists looking to receive influencer critique on their latest records, by a proven industry insider.  With the allowance for promotion of brands and other entities the Padded Room will feature creatives in all sectors in response to the ever-changing genre of Hip Hop and culture of music as a whole.  The Live Performance dynamic that will be included will be the added icing on the cake.

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