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DJ Envy: Goes Hard For The DJs

During this pandemic you’ve seen DJs step up to the plate and throw virtual parties to keep the spirits up during this quarantine. It’s tough right now for so many DJs to provide for their families with no bars, clubs, lounges or events to work. For a lot of DJs there is no unemployment option, health care, savings or retirement plan. So this gesture will help out many DJ's in need right now.

DJ Envy has taken the time to reach out to the masses and help create ways for DJ's to be assisted in these trying times. DJ Envy has created a Go Fund Me account raising over 100k to support DJs.

To raise funding for the DJ's DJ Envy enlisted some amazing DJ's to live stream to listeners on Instagram live. On board for this great cause was:

@djclue @dnice @djscratch @djcamilo @kidcapri101@djprostyle @djquicksilva @djdiamondkuts @djmrrogers @djwillnyc @djspinking @tonyneal just to name a few. They created a vibe that lasted for the day going live on Instagram.

Even celebrities such as DJ Khaled has also donated to DJ Envy Go Fund Me. DJ Khaled has been more than generous to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The super-producer recently donated over $45,000 to DJ Envy’s “I Love My DJ” GoFundMe.

“Bless up to the DJs!” Khaled tweeted. “I saw @djenvy’s go fund me post and heard the goal was to raise 50K for the DJs so I put the remaining $45,255 up. We are here to support each other! We are in this together!”

DJ Envy is a hard working DJ who cares about the music culture. It takes a lot to organize and stand behind DJ's all over the world. Being able to give 213 DJ's $500.00 is a blessing. Especially when their are no clubs, bars or venues open.

Our staff just wanted to highlight DJ Envy for his work in the music community. Helping One DJ At A Time!!

- DJ Waffles

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