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The Padded Room…. is the meeting grounds for dope artists from all over the world to unite and vibe with one another.

The padded room has no limits, boundaries or rules. Just gracefully step to the mic and be great!

The craving for real music will finally be satiated by The Padded Room, a video series to provide a platform for talented music artists, labels, and producers to promote themselves. The Padded Room series will feature artists in the genres Hip-Hop and R&B, as a response to the growing
need for diversity in the music industry.
The Padded Room Series will also give independent and national artists, producers, songwriters, as well as DJs from various genres of music, the opportunity to introduce themselves and new music to the general public through interviews and live performances. This series will also give
novices to the industry the chance to learn and hear from leaders in the industry, including executives, managers and label representatives.


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