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DJ Shay Money: There's No Place Like Home

DJ Shay Money has set the standards for female Dj's. She will not bend on her booking fee because this female knows her worth. Check out why she has become a house hold name.

Name: DJ Shay Money

Age (optional) :
A Girl Never Tells

City: Kansas City, MO Born & Raised | Saint Louis, Mo Resident


Career Path:

Professional DJ, Radio DJ/Personality

Where do you DJ at?

On air at Hot 104.1 Stl |#1 show in the market Ladies Night Radio | 98.3 The Beat Columbus, GA | Power 106.1 Jacksonville, FL | 98.7 The Beat West Virginia | Coast 97.3 Wilmington, NC | Clubs and venues across the country where ever I’m booked I go.

Are you a part of any DJ crews?

Member of The Core Dj’s Worldwide

How did you come up with your DJ name?

My father was DJ G-Money my whole life. He encouraged me to start djing and then became terminally ill. Unfortunately he ended up passing away 2 months after I started learning to DJ.

How was your first gig as a DJ ?

My first gig was at a club in STL the day after my father’s funeral. I really was on the fence about cancelling because I wasn’t mentally right but I felt like my father would have wanted me to take the opportunity so I pushed thru. I did really good surprisingly I couldn’t believe it I balled so hard after I finished my first set successfully.

What was your worst experience as a DJ ?

I’ve yet to have a worst experience I love my job it’s been amazing for me I haven’t had any real issues that I can say were a worst.

What makes a DJ an irreplaceable DJ in a club setting?

Energy, Song Selection, Mixing skills, Mic & hosting skills, & Crowd Control you have to be able to master all of these.

Have you ever been on tour as a DJ ? If so, who were you on the road with?

Yes 2017. I toured on Sevyn Streeters Girl Disrupted Tour. I've also worked for Grammy nominated artist Lonny Bereal. We opened for Sevyn every night on a 25 city tour & it was one of the best experiences of my life. Life on the road was a trip we could have filmed a reality show on that tour it was lit…lol

What artist music do you feel you broke their record?

I feel like I definitely broke Beat King in the Saint Louis market. He had so many hits for the ladies & I brung them all to radio. He then began to get booked in St. Louis for shows like crazy. Now you cant go to the club or listen to a mixshow without hearing a Beat King record. Ask him and he will tell Shay Money did that. There are a few other artist records I’ve broke as well.

Do you think the record labels should come to DJs for what's next coming out of a city?

Definitely! DJ’s know what’s popping in their city and who’s on the come up. We are the ear to the streets A lot of times the records the labels choose and are pushing are over rode by what the DJ’s like better this happens often.

Do you feel DJs can replace A&Rs?

DJ’s in a sense are kind of like the A&R’s of the streets but not all DJ’s possess the business skills required to A&R. So I’d say this depends upon the person.

How do you choose records to fit in your mix?

I go off of what feels good and what I believe in. I love to dance so if the record doesn’t make me want to shake my ass or sing my heart out then its likely a no for me. When I dj I dance the whole time. My motto is “She Twerks While She Werks”

What is a pet peeve that you hate the most about DJing?

People harassing me for wack song request . I will um kay you all night to leave me alone. But that definitely does not mean I’m going to play the song. If I feel its going to lose the energy I have on the crowd I’m not playing it.

Is it hard to maintain a life and family while being a DJ?

Not for me. I balance it well. I do work 24 hours a day. Keeping up with being on multiple stations every week and still being booked up doing gigs can get overwhelming. I feel like I can’t complain about success. I still make away to be a wife and a mom in the midst of my crazy schedule and my family understands my lifestyle & career.

Do you still get nervous in front of big crowds?

After touring and djing sold out Station Super Jam concerts of 20,000 plus people. I no longer fear big crowds. It actually gives me a adrenaline rush, gets me extra turnt and makes me super excited.

Do you feel DJ's are paid enough for the work they have to do?

A lot of them I’d say no but it’s by their choice. I feel like you get what you stand for. I will pass on a gig if its $20.00 below my price. My price is my price and I stand on that. A lot of people try and nickel and dime the DJ for price breaks but its what you go for. Most promoters know who they can do that to and who will say oh ok no thanks and walk away.

What is the most wildest experience you have had as a DJ?

I’d say being the DJ for Megan Thee Stallion that shit was epic. It was a Sold Out show! Also all the stars I’ve got to meet and work with. I’ve met some of my absolute favorites like Snoop Dog, Jamie Foxx, Ludacris & many more.

What’s your GO-TO song when you're ready to turn a party up?

Right now I’d say 1,2,3 by Moneybagg & Blac Youngsta or Camilla Cabello Ft. Da Baby My Oh My. These are both my shit! I turn up instantly when I hear either of these records and its so crazy because one is hood as @#ck ,and the other is pop. I love them both. You gotta have variety.

What do you have planned next as a DJ?

Well due to Corona virus it’s hard to say the world and the future of entertainment is so unpredictable. I definitely plan to keep smashing the airwaves! My goal is to become syndicated in radio someday. I’d love to tour more if corona allows it.

How can people reach you to send their music or request your services?

For booking

For music submissions

-DJ Waffles

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