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DJ Epps: A Force In The Streets

One of the biggest DJ's in Miami drops in to give the game on his experiences as a DJ. DJ Epps has rocked some of the biggest clubs all over the world. Now he producing, directing videos and even apart of a group "We Dem Zoes" which are taking off. He isn't a over night success. He's a dreamer who has made his life a real movie.

Name : YVES "DJ EPPS" FELIX JR. Age : What matters, I’m still poppin! IG :  @djepps

City : Miami, FL Career Path (artist, producer, writer, musician, DJ etc) :  DJ, PRODUCER, & ACTOR Genre : Where do you DJ at? 

All over world but my home is Miami/ft. Lauderdale.  As for radio I jump on Miami's 99 jamz time to time. 

Are you a part of any DJ crews?

  I  am a Mp3waxx General

What is your strongest point as a DJ? Performing live, Mixshows & Breaking in new music from new artist.

How did you come up with your DJ name?

I'm originally from New York City and when I moved to Miami, my cousin and I had to come up with nick names.  So he was Spanky and I was Epps. Epps came from a painting in my Killian High School Years. Everyone said I looked like the person in the painting and my cousin had the entire school call me Epps. I couldn't get away from it. After that came Omar Epps and Mike Epps. The Name EPPS is very unique and rare. NO I'm not related to them.

How was your first gig as a DJ ? 

Nerve wrecking, one day I was walking down south beach with  1 crate of records coming from New York  looking for a gig. I ran into a promoter name Rich doing a party called Sugar Shack at the time on South Beach.  I asked him if I can come spin and he replied yes, and if I did good I can spin every week.  If I did bad, he would throw me and my crate out on Washington’s ave. After that my career jump started. 

What was your worst experience as DJ?

Falling off the table in the middle of a performance The thick marble table end up falling down on my right leg leaving me injured for two weeks inside of a hospital in Mannheim Germany.   What makes a DJ an irreplaceable DJ in a club setting ?

His performance, energy & humbleness. MUST LEAVE THE EGO AT HOME! Have you ever been on tour as a DJ ? If so, who were you on the road with? 

Pitbull, G-unit, Pitbull, Jim Jones, Fatman Scoop, Wyclef, Jae Millz, Uncle Luke, Freeway, Guru, Haitian band T-Vice.  What artist music do you feel you broke their record? 

Wow that’s a long list including everybody that came out of Miami.  But I definitely broke G unit music, Tory Lanez, Jason Derulo, Ludacris, Luke Nastyy, Akon, & Ying Yang Twins.   Do you think the record labels should come to DJs for what's next coming out of a city?  Absolutely, not all DJ's but definitely some of us generals.   Do you feel DJs can replace A&Rs?

  Yes of course.  I am showing that to world as we speak.  

  How do you choose records to fit in your mix? 

I go with the flow, kinda like freestyling my mix. I think if you create sets then you now sound like the other DJ’s or the set you did the other night.   What is a pet peeve that you hate the most about Djing?

Promoters categorizing me. Just because I do a pop party doesn’t mean I’m a pop DJ. If I perform at a strip club does it mean I’m a strip club DJ?.  I’ve been around the world and back doing all types of parties and events. So they need to know I’m an open format DJ. I could do it all, believe that!! Is it hard to maintain a life and family while being a DJ? 

It’s extremely hard, there’s only a few of us that does laundry, gardening, provide for the family, do studio time, rock clubs, travel, do your own bookings & promos etc.  NO SLEEP!! Do you still get nervous in front of large crowds? 

Always,  it’s just a quick butterfly in my stomach right before I jump on. nce I hit the stage, within seconds it’s gone.     Do you feel DJ's are paid enough for the work they have to do? 

Not this era.   A word to the DJ’s stop selling your self short for less then $100 and Hookah, STOP IT! What is the most wildest experience you have had as a DJ? 

Wifey and I Taking 4-5 girls back to the hotel after my show.  Yeah we knocked them all down one by one.  What’s your GO-TO song when you're ready to turn a party up? 

Probably like other DJ's.  Meek Mill - Dreams and Nightmares. 

What do you have planned next as a DJ? 

Turning into a super producer. I really want to own a restaurant.   How can people reach you to send their music or request your services?

I am taking booking, submissions, interviews and hosting mixtapes at My assistant Linda or Chrissy will be waiting!  ________________________________________________________  Additional Information : Look out for my new music singles on all platforms. And can’t forget to mention my music group We Dem Zoes @wedemzoes Thanks for the love guys!!

- DJ Waffles

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