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Jalen Williams Entrepreneur of the week

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Get to know Jalen Williams, on Entrepreneurs Of The Week:

How long have you been a content creator and image consultant?

I’ve been a content creator for about seven years. I’ve always been looked at for ideas and concepts, which showed me not only how valued my opinion was, but that there was opportunity to make a hobby a career. I got into image consulting about five years ago after taking the time to explore, understand and perfect my craft. I understood how much influence I had on my peers and used that to motivate them with ideas for success.

When did you know that these were an avenue for you to go into?

I played basketball all my life and had every young man’s dream of going to the NBA. Due to different circumstances, that dream slowly faded and I decided to really explore my talents and tap into my artistic side. In 2017, I co-founded my first clothing line, Damaged Crown. This was the first time I really saw my ideas and concepts come to life. The clothing line’s success was confirmation I could do anything I really set my mind to. I eventually parted ways with Damaged Crown and decided I wanted to focus more on what I love- music. Branching off into the music industry is what led me to content creation and image consulting.

What type of clientele do you cater to?

I cater to creators who not only have talent, but undeniable commitment and work ethic. My clientele falls in the lane of those who are confident in their ability to produce exceptional content, but need guidance with creation, organization and direction. This can include overall appearance/image, understanding fan base and analytics and using them to increase value and income, and expanding social networks, making connections that open doors and invite career opportunities for the client.

What's the hardest part about maintaining the two?

Honestly, I don’t think it’s hard to maintain the two, because they go hand in hand, and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy. For those who have interest in pursuing this as a career, I would say it’s key to understand the importance of time management. Be

intentional in the time you dedicate to your craft. Prioritize your projects. Write things down. Work on it every single day, and I promise you, you’ll see the pay-off in the end.

What has been the best way for you to gain client satisfaction?

I would say the best way I’ve gained client satisfaction is by constant communication and showing how invested I am in the brand and each artist individually. The foundation of all my business relationships is trust. Someone investing in my services to better their career requires a certain level of trust. Once it’s established, only success follows. I help clients see their potential by maintaining that constant communication and bringing them along every step so they can see the cause and effect of well-planned marketing and how it will elevate their career. When someone sees their growth firsthand and sees that I follow my words with action, I gain the respect of my client and am able to have long lasting working relationships.

What's your longest running client relationship?

My longest running client relationships to date are with two DC artists, Lil Leek and Street Product. I’ve been working with them both separately for eight years now. I’ve also worked closely with Atlanta artist YNS Talley for about the same amount of time. All three artists are extremely talented and their fan bases have done nothing but grow over the years.

How have you stayed productive with the industry changing rapidly?

I keep myself informed. I pay attention to what areas of the industry are really changing. Music is ever evolving. It’s not the same as it was ten or even five years ago. I make sure I stay current with new artists, tap into interviews and documentaries of top moguls, and just make it a daily habit to feed my brain.

What was the worst experience you had to bounce back from in your field?

First, I’ll say that any bad experience or “loss” I’ve ever had, in my opinion, has never truly been a loss. It’s always been a lesson for me. I decided to do business with a friend and unfortunately the success of the business had a negative effect on and ultimately ended the working relationship and furthermore the overall friendship. I learned firsthand how tricky personal and business relationships can be and how to handle them, if they present themselves again, moving forward. What happened was unfortunate, but seeing something I once was a part of have the success it did, was nothing but motivation to keep making plays and turn my dreams into reality.

In a few words tell us why you grind so hard to stay on top of your game?

I grind as hard as I do because I’ve heard so many times that I “can’t” or “won’t” be able to accomplish the goals I have set out for myself. It could’ve been for motivational purposes, but I’ve never been comfortable with meeting expectations. I’ve always pushed myself to surpass them and this landed me business opportunities I would’ve only dreamed of.

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