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Get to know Tasha Shannon, on Entrepreneurs Of The Week:

How long have you been in the cosmetology field?

I've been doing hair since I was a young girl... it has always been a passion of mine but to answer your question I've been doing it professionally for 15 years.

When did you know that this was an avenue for you to go into?

As I stated before I loved doing hair and I did hair in high school but, it wasn't a top priority for me. When I graduated from high school I went on a different career path but continued to do hair. So, back in 2003 when weaves and sewins started to become more popular my clientele started to increase and I decided to do it full time.

What type of clientele do you cater to?

I cater to a more professional clientele. Ive been in the salon for a while and I have been blessed to have the most loyal clients. I would say the age ranging from 28-50 and more business professionals. My clients range from teachers, directors, doctors, actors, politicians, and the every day woman. I like a woman that keeps a schedule lol.

What's the hardest part about running your own salon?

I think the hardest part about running you own salon is being able to balancing work and family life (sometimes the salon can consume you). Im a mom as well.

What do you specialize in as a stylist?

My specialty is weaves and coloring. Although we are a full service salon, we do Braids, Micro Links, Dreads, Wigs, Short cuts, etc... You can say we service them all at the salon.

What has been the best way for you to gain customer satisfaction?

I give my clients exactly what they ask for, not, what we want them to have. I try to educate my clients on hair care and the best plan of care for their hair as well as we provide a professional and relaxing environment.

What's your longest running client relationship?

About 10 years. I pride myself in long running client relations.

How have you stayed productive with the industry changing rapidly?

I continue to market on social media platforms as well as continued education classes.

What was the worst experience you had to bounce back from in doing hair?

Probably branching off on my own and getting my own salon. I had worked in another salon as a stylist for 10 years, but fear can be a large hinderance when you are trying to start a business. So I had to learn to believe in myself and know that people were not coming to the salon just for the salon experience they were coming also because of the service that I provided. So once I got my confidence up I was able to get my own. I'm now 5 years in at TS Hair Studio.

Does your company brand itself with hair products or merchandise?

Yes, we sell premium virgin indian and brazilian hair bundles. We provide customized lace frontal wigs, closure and Upart wigs, custom hair units, as well as hair products, T-Shirts, and merhandise in the salon.

Where is you business located ?

We are located in Marietta's East Cobb, neighbored by Sandy springs and Dunwoody 551 Johnson Ferry Rd Marietta GA 30068

- DJ Waffles

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