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Get to know Ayana “Georgia Doll” Gunn, on Entrepreneurs Of The Week:

What is the name of your business?

Georgia Media Agency

How long have you been in the public relations field?

I started my journey within the PR field 5 years ago while in college.

When did you know that this was an avenue for you to go into?

Once I picked a Public Relations class in college, I instantly learned that most of the duties and practices of a Publicist were things I was already doing. I started connecting with other Publicists, seeking advice, shadowing them, and I began to gain clients of my own.

What type of clientele do you cater to?

Overall, my agency’s clientele consists of business owners and creatives, such as musicians and recording artists.

What's the hardest part about your career?

Even on your off day, you’re working; so trying to manage my time is sometimes a challenge. Another challenge I’ve encountered has been that every pitch won’t get the desired outcome the client and I may aim for. Sometimes things take longer than we anticipate and other times, the pitch might not receive anything in return. That’s why it’s always important to constantly go back to the drawing board when our results don’t mirror our work ethic.

What has been the best way for you to gain client satisfaction?

As a business professional, I put the client’s needs first. Clients are more susceptible to you when you take the time to learn their needs and goals. If the client isn’t satisfied, my job is not done. On the other hand, I am also a consumer so I know when I’m not getting the bang for my buck or when I’m not valued as a paying customer, so I keep all those things in mind when I work with each and every client because customer service is essential to any line of work.

What's your longest running client relationship?

I have a number of clients who I still cater to since the beginning of my career. One that stands out is Underground Tours of Savannah for their continued support, mentorship, and trustworthiness.

How have you stayed productive with the industry changing rapidly?

While I don’t put too much pressure on myself or my business, I have been personally attending other business professionals’ webinars and classes for added value for my own business. By doing so, we’re adding new resources and information to our brand which can assist our clients even further.

What was the worst experience you had to bounce back from in your field?

To be completely transparent, I feel like I’m currently in the bounce backstage of my business. I don’t consider myself to be a perfectionist, but I believe in being purposeful and strategic. With that being said, my agency is currently in the rebranding stage. The ultimate goal is to cater to our ideal clients and only offer services that align with our true purpose, which goes far beyond just Public Relations.

In a few words tell us why you grind so hard to stay on top of your game?

No matter what I do, I’ve always aimed to give everything my all and to excel. In my business, I am my own billboard so I’m devoted to going hard about my agency and our clients. I’d also say my mother has shown me what hard work really is: from sleepless nights, to planning day in and day out, researching and mastering my craft, she’s shown me what it means to be passionate about what I do and to never give up.

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