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Theory H20

Who is TheoryH20?

TheoryH20 is an artist producer and engineer from Columbus Georgia my name means the scientific community, an explanation supported by a evidence and is logically sound 

I was given this bane from rhyming in freestyle sessions and how I’m always one with the best and just flow no matter the genre or tempo h20 is water and water just flows if you add a barrier it just changes the direction and continues to flow i am also a soldier in the us army soldier family oriented dedicated to my craft my musical background and talent comes from my who was also a engineer producer and artist my lyrical ability and word play comes from my mom being a school teacher encouraging me to read and pronounce my words correctly. 

When do your ideas come to you?

My ideas come to me at all times I use my day to day life sounds experiences in side of my music so a lot of things give me ideas it can be the sound of the engine to things people are doing In their car during traffic jams. 

Why did you decide to become a songwriter?

I decided to become a songwriter because it was a way for me to express my views my feelings and theories hence my with out judgement I became fascinated the way nites and words come together and the different patterns you can develops you can write to the Piano melody or bass kick and drum or even the hi hat. 

What’s your favorite piece of music and why?

My favorite peace of music is Redman and method man da rock wilder because of their completely different flow but match together perfectly. 

Do you follow a formula when you write? 

When I write i typically write down the topic or felling I get when listening time the piece then use it as a guide if there’s no music I’ll think about what’s currently going on and write my narrative and replace words to make it more poetic. 

How was writing for artist A different than for artist B?

If I’m writing for a singer it would before different then writing for a hip hop artist a singer I’ll use less words in each bar and focus on the melody and key signature where as with a hip hop artist I will focus more on the cadence. 

Which song you have written is your favorite and why?

My favorite song i have written is sixteen off of my first album cold summers bright nights (c.s.b.n) because it defines who i am as an artist and producer and defines who I am overall.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you while working on a song?

The weirdest thing that has happen while working on a song was I recorded a whole song went to play the song back and the tempo changed on the song and completely changed the beat but turned out better then the original that song became high step-in off of the ep painite.

Which song did you have the most trouble writing? 

The song I had the most trouble writing is savage one of my new singles the reason this song gave me the most trouble was because it was a very dramatic time where I had to express a very delicate and personal event and I still wanted to be respectful to women while expressing my pain but at the same time portray that it was a individuals actions and it was directed towards all women I have the up most respect for all women and wanted to get my point across while expressing that.

How is your personality reflected in your work?

My personality is intelligent very energetic fast paced assertive so I place the same energy in every song as if it was my first and last song and perform on Stage in the same manner even if there is only one person in the audience. 

Can you tell us about where we are right now in America?

Right now we are In a state where our technology and who we are as people is being tested technology because of the recent pandemic of COVID-19 we were forced to fine other was to communicate with out a physical connection learning alternate ways entertainment besides actual populated activities we also had to find alternate was to continue to run businesses such as concerts became online in digital platforms the current events of injustice has caused continuing problems forms decades to come to light once more and allowing people to show their true colors wether pro or anti towards the current events also it as caused people to come together as one and fight for injustice. 

How do you overcome creative blocks?

When I have a creative block I try to switch to a different song and if it’s a overall block then I will freestyle sessions sometimes I turn a song or unfinished beat on and turn on cartoons or movies and watch them with the sound off while the music is playing.

What’s next?

Up next is the release of my 3rd project in which I linked up with dj kessel of young rich nation (yrn) and finishing up my 6th project I try to stay ahead at all times to keep a consistent.


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