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Coi Leray Will Slide With Gunna

Thursday saw relatively unknown artist ,Coi Leray drop a gem with the hit song “Slide” featuring guarantee billboard charter himself, Gunna.

Coi Leray is a name that has been synonymous with the rap game for a minute now, as her father is Benzino, a prominent hip hop executive and at one time co-owner of Hip Hop Magazine The Source. In addition, her brother Chavo is also an upcoming force in the rap game, teaming with the likes of Pi’erre Bourne to grace his beats. 

From the beginning, Leray has been groomed for the game. From the young age of seventeen, Leray has had a head start to her contemporaries as she has not just been stuck making music but has been given the ability to express herself in a multitude of ways. The peculiar thing about Coi is that she has had the luxury of being around success at a high level.

Although, since a recent split with her high profile ex, Trippie Redd, we have never seen Coi in an unfavorable situation such as this. At this stage of her career, we knew she was a name that was on the rise, but it seemed the label of “Trippie’s girlfriend” overshadowed her capability to draw genuine listenership.

No longer is the case as Valley Visions  brings Coi leray to life in a variety of ways in the official release of her lead record to her EP Now or Never. “Slide” is Leray’s coming out party, now being put in a position to shine , she takes advantage of the spotlight and comes through with a smooth and sexy record that has that pregame playlist vibe. From her threads to whole energy and vibe during the shoot, it was obvious that Leray had a different focus and intention for this video.

With production coming from Taz Taylor and Mj Nichols, Coi opts for a more R&B approach to her craft this time around,straying away from the intense 808 sound that got her here.

Invoking the title, “Slide” is a groovy track that makes you wanna get up and move and not to mention it has hit maker in its own right Gunna on feature duty. 

What's special about this record is that Coi leray looked to embrace the moment and channel her inner fire.For what feels like the first time in a long time, Leray capitalized on her opportunity. Dropping songs like “Slide”, Leray forces her way in the conversation with other female pioneers in her lane in the ever growing Hip Hop genre.

With her Ep releasing in August, we should expect a few more visuals to come down the pipeline, as Leray looks to further establish herself as a force in the game. For now stream Now or Never on all DSPs today

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