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Thee Stallion Kicking Flava

It feels like forever ago the 5’10 orange haired stallion of a woman burst onto the scene professing herself as Todoroki Tina and that hot girl summer was running wild. Fast Forward to 2020 and Megan Pete is continuing to honor her mother’s legacy by completing her education At Texas-Southern, all the while Meg Thee Stallion is on her way to becoming a household name in the Hip Hop industry.

Since her last full length project ‘Fever’ was released back in May of 2019, Meg has made major strides into becoming a more complete artist and received a push that some veterans don't ever see in the rap genre. Her growth has been shown in different ways such as styling, set design, choreography, stage presence etc, she is more than ever the complete package.

Meg even reaffirmed her position as one of the best selling artists even amongst controversy with her past label and executives . As stated on the rappers instagram 1501 and Meg had disputes on the status of her contract in question and agreed to mutually part ways. Contract disputes get ugly for new acts and sometimes the rebuilding of one's image can be difficult on the fly but Meg and her team stayed true to them and survived the murky waters to come on the other side virtually unsaved.

Ultimately what matters most is the music and Meg has not slacked in that department in a while. This year alone has seen Meg Thee Stallion release a new nine song EP Suga, easy charting hits like Eazy E inspired ‘Girls in the Hood’, and social media pipe bombs like ‘Savage’. It is virtually impossible to scroll on your twitter or social media and not click one video that didn't have a record of Meg’s in the background. To only go on and one up herself and tap into the obvious Houston, Texas connection and have one of music's biggest icons in the last 50 years, Beyonce Knowles, bless her track with a proper remix. How often is it that you see Beyonce featured in any capacity on anyone else's song? It's extremely rare, and moves like these show that major dominoes within the industry have taken notice and are ready to put money where their mouth is. This was further cemented when Meg took advantage of a remote BET awards to give us a performance for the ages with a mashup of Mad Max and California Love set piece and the night was capped off with Meg coming away with the chip, the best female hip hop artist this year.

As Meg Thee Stallion continues her already decorated career, it'll be interesting to see the direction her career takes as she now has a good amount of freedom and creative control. As a leading force in the Hip Hop industry, it will be exciting to see in what ways Meg can become a pioneer of not just Rap but artistry itself. Stream her latest EP Suga on all platforms.

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