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Paul Leo : Monique

Name : Paulleo Davis 

Age (optional) : 150 

City : Marietta GA

IG : 


Label : G.N.M Entertainment (Game Needs Me) 

Career Path (artist, producer, writer, musician, etc) : 

All the above


Genre : RnB Hip Hop Country Soul Country Folk Jazz Blues Pop & Gospel 

Latest Project(s) : Monique Said.... 


What made you create the song “Monique Said”? 

My brother debated abt my very existence in his life.I take the affirmative and Monique said ..No!


Tell us a little about the visual for the video?

Shot at home due the panademic by my 6yr and myself.


Do you feel the game is changing when it comes to the sound?


Nothing is new under the sun. Although it is very melodic and enjoyable.


How do you stay relevant and busy doing the pandemic?


On the front line with with my bae being a doctor and in the studio perfecting my gift and craft.


What is your creative process when making music?

Outside of God.....Cranberry Vodka Weed + Porn 

What influenced your latest project(s)?


Johann Sebastian Bach 

Are there any people who inspire your work?

Everyone Family Friends Colleges & Haters.


What message would you want your listeners to receive from your work?

No one can beat being you...(so henceforth you already won) 

Have you faced adversity within your career?How do you handle that?

Of course adversity is the cornerstone of perseverance. Let it be teachable moments 

Outside of music, what else can we expect from you? Acting TV Movies also sports management from G.N.M LLC 

What do you feel like you bring to the culture of music?

Soulfulness / Popness with mystic.

Who do you listen to outside of yourself when it comes to music?

Endless artist all genres. 

What makes you different from all other artists?

I'm 6'7


Are there any other artists you would love to work with?

Several but on the producing side.


What's your demographic that you are trying to reach?

The third rock from the sun.


What main social media platform do you prefer to use for promoting your music?

Still learning that ... I.G. Youtube. Tic Tok for now.

What can fans expect from a show by you if they brought a ticket?

A euphoric moment of live instrumentation and performance by me.

What do you want to achieve by being an artist?

Total inspiration!


Has there ever been a time when you wanted to give up? If so, tell us.

Of course, Closed doors, Nay sayers Liars, Doubting Family Members (Mother) 

When should we expect another masterpiece from you? Once I see the people enjoy my latest. I will release another. 


Additional Information : 

Thank you very much for this opportunity. 

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