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Lyrica Anderson too much drip for a "Bad Hair Day"

A mother, singer, songwriter, actress and all around business woman; Lyrica Anderson is the definition of ‘badass’. Her love and passion for music has made her nothing less than extraordinary. Some of you may recognize her from the reality tv show, Love And Hip Hop Hollywood, where she actively showcased her talents. Anderson, has been in the music industry for years. She has written for some of our industry favorites, such as, Tamia, Keke Palmer, Webbie and also co writing for Charice on her 2010 pop hit single, Pyramids. Thereafter, she began working with the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and more. It wasn’t long after that Anderson would build the courage to become her own artist and shine the spotlight on herself.

How did you come up with the title “Bad Hair Day” for this project?

A play on words of not having the best day. Not feeling your best; like not wanting to get out of bed, not wanting to do your nails, not having a good day at times in general etc.

Does this title have an underline metaphor behind it?

Yes. Basically not having a great relationship etc. A confession of what that day looks like.

What's your favorite song on the project?

The Whole Album. But if I had to choose it would be, Marriott and Act A Fool.

Do you have any special guests on the project?

No, it's pretty much all me outside of other writers and producers I collaborated with.

Do you write for other artists while you're in album mode?

I try not to but it depends on the artist. I wouldn’t turn Rihanna down if she asked.

How do you manage all this success and life at one time?

There’s a balance between them all; being a mother, artist, songwriter and a personality. It can get hectic but I continue with the ultimate goal of being the best at wearing all of these hats.

You are dropping the single and video for “Marriott. Why is this a lead single?

This album is like a book to me and this song is the opening to my story.

Who is going to love this project when it drops?

Everybody will love this project. It mirrors experiences that men and women have both been through.

Are you going to debut any of your music on Love & Hip Hop ?

It all depends.

Do you feel like television increased your reach in a good way?

Yes, it has.

How are you taking this time to stay engaged with your fans?

Singing more on Instagram with the famous ‘Fireside Sessions’, engaging on Instagram live with fans, etc.

Outside of music, what else can we expect from you?

More music, acting, beauty products and becoming an overall brand.

- Georgette Smith

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