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Def Jam’s Latest Prodigy: Kaash Paige

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas,19 year old Kaash Paige, is destined to become a phenom in the music industry.

As an R&B singer and songwriter, Kaash started taking her music seriously in 2016 when she dropped her first inspired single, ‘Dnd’, on Soundcloud. Unexpectedly, she accumulated 95,000+ plays on this release. Kaash, showed gratitude to Doja Cat, as her song, ‘No Police’, was the influence behind ‘Dnd’. Adding fuel to the fire, Kaash started releasing more music over the years to build her catalog. In 2017, she dropped: Uber You To My Oasis and Orange Sweater. Later in 2018, she dropped a few songs; some of which included: Mindset Of a Playa, Depression, and her hit single, ‘Love Songs’.

Love Songs, became viral on all social media platforms. It even peaked on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart. Kaash Paige’s life was changing right before her eyes and all she was doing was creating music to feed her soul. Her talents became bigger than her wildest thoughts and her voice was now being heard across the world. Kaash, started charting on popular platforms such as, Tik Tok (#1) and Billboard (peaking at #15). With Love Songs, gaining so much attention, Kaash and her team decided in February of 2019 to release the official music video on Youtube. Her supporters were definitely here for this. So far, she has about 5.3 million views.

A few months later, after her accomplishments, Kaash was offered a deal with Def Jam Recordings. She later debuted her first project called, ‘Parked Car Convos’, which dropped in November of 2019 on all streaming platforms. Her project consisted of eight songs. Kaash Paige, was now the hottest commodity within the music industry. She has since worked with a few industry favorites such as, Travis Scott, 6lack, and Don Toliver. Kaash Paige, is definitely an artist you want to keep up with, as she continues to rise above all odds and take her music career head on. - Georgette Smith

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