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Blood Raw Aka B.Rawsteen

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

A CEO, artist, and music phenomenon; straight out of Panama City, FL. Blood Raw, has created his own legacy. He built an empire; BloodRawEnt. To fulfill his music aspirations and change the lives of his family and friends. Blood Raw, has come a long way in his music career, and continues to bless the industry with his creative sound.

What is your creative process when making music?

My creative process when making music is Patron, Ciroc and my own personal space.

What influenced your latest project(s)?

What influenced my latest project is just a few of many things I’ve been going through for the past few years and getting to the bag. Being broke is the worst feeling anybody could have.

Are there any people who inspire your work?

Yes, my family, my kids and most Importantly myself.

What message would you want your listeners to receive from your work?

The message I want my fans to receive is that faith, hard work and perseverance will take you places and open doors money could never. Patience is a big key.

Have you faced adversity within your career? How do you handle that?

I’ve faced more adversity than most. Anything that you want in life will never come easy. Everybody's journey won't be the same but you will appreciate it more when you have to go through things to achieve your goals. It’s something about doing what others said you couldn’t, and then you accomplish it; that feeling is priceless!

Outside of music, what else can we expect from you?

Outside of music I mostly spend time with my family and enjoy my kids. Of course there’s other ventures for financial stability but my family is my number one priority and I love spending every moment with them.

When should we expect another masterpiece from you?

“Hustle For Mine,” is my new single that is out on all platforms; produced by Young Diesel. My album, H.U.S.H, is coming soon. It’s an acronym for, Hustle Until Something Happens.

- Georgette Smith

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