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Song Review


Review of song by DJ Waffles, incorporating the feedback of his team and the offer of advised direction for release, placement, and promotion of record.

Break Records


DJ Waffles and his team will expose your song to suitable outlets in the best interest of allowing for traction and heightened awareness. These resources include DJs , Radio Stations, Record Labels, Management Companies and digital sites for air play consideration. 

Mixtape Placement


Placement on quarterly released Fresh Out The Waffle Iron mixtape hosted by DJ Waffles. Other opportunities for placement will be discussed at appropriate time.

Mixtape Hosting

DJ Waffles is available for mixtape hosting, and arrangement.  Art Work design and promotion are available as well.



Submit for a chance at a live radio or podcast based 

#FreshOutTheWaffleIron interview with DJ Waffles.



DJ Waffles offers artist and brand consultation to discuss strategy and creative direction.

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