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Skip Marley - Back At It

As a part of his album Higher Place Skip Marley has finally released his official video for the album cut “Make Me Feel” featuring Ari Lenox and Rick Ross.


Coming off the arguably song of the summer in 2020 with a relaxing and smooth  record like Slow down Marley has returned to attach a visual element to one of his more upbeat tracks from his project. 

Lacey Duke begins production with a red Jeep full of beautiful ladies linked up with a group of guys to have a friendly round of soccer. From there we get to see Skip and Ari share some camera time before Rick Ross enters the frame. From a cliffside view where we Ari show off her lovely chocolate complexion to a nice fire side kick back under the stars, it's clear that Skip and Lacey’s direction was to point out the simple in things in life can still bring happiness and make you feel good. 

Sonically, Marley has been red hot and continues to showcase why; as he once again taps into a space where he can create a feel good song ,but still has the capability to create art that is truly unique. 

As Marley’s album Higher Place is now available, stream “Make Me Feel Good” on YouTube today. 

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