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Rick Ross - Pinned To The Cross

Rick Ross checks back in Friday morning with a visual release for the single “Pinned to the Cross” ft Finn Mathewes.

To say the least, Ross has done something that other prominent Black men in his position, as one of the lead curators of the culture, will not do.He created a piece of art that not only is timely but of a certain taste and class.Not only was his message understood through the music, but he shined in the area that matters most in 2020.

From start to finish, Ross delivered and showcased a different side of what is possible for black men. 

He begins with “I say to young black men/We're now living in a state of public emergency/Middle class and poor people be targeted every day /Dealing with so much hostility/Negative socialism/I refuse to be petrified/And there's no mercy for the rivals/They want the rich niggas to live in total silence” he goes on to paint pictures that are all to real when he spits “Now, I'm running the racket, n***a got cut from the noose/I just want to be free, another Black man on the run/We was pinned to the cross since our birth under the sun.”

Although Ross gets in his usual bag of luxury and lifestyle, he never loses sight of the mission and objective of pusing a narrative. As we are shown his massive estate, Ross make sure to incorporate important visuals like pictures of Breonna taylor and video of protest around the country. Ross doubles down and features footage to which depicts a group of what it looks like protesters reprimand a police officer and his family. 

Whether the imagery is right or wrong is up to the viewer, but what could not be misunderstood is that Ross is comfortable with being on the cutting edge. 

As the track was featured on the Verzuz battle with 2 Chainz, it signals that it may be time to gear up for a major release down the line. Check out the new Video and Single for Rick Ross’s “Pinned to the Cross” on all DSPs now.

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