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Renee's Rundown

Will arenas be empty through year 2021? Will the Olympics go fan-less? 

We all have a lot of questions right? Well I don’t have the answers but I will tell you what I do know….

Nothing… Because no one knows anything.

Everything is speculation at this point, but let me catch you up on what’s going on in my sports world to date. I started getting emails from the networks I work for telling me that because there are no NBA, G League, and NCAA upcoming games, all my bookings were postponed and/or cancelled. So basically I found out I was unemployed.

On March 12th, I had court side seats to attend the Atlanta Hawks vs New York Knicks Game. Normally this would be a flex, but not in this case. The gym was emptier than I’m used to seeing it. There was an awkwardness about everyone attending because we all knew we probably shouldn’t be there. When I saw a New York Knicks player warming up with latex gloves on, I really began to be concerned.

This was the beginning….

On my way home from the Hawks game the news started breaking about NBA games being postponed and that there were players that tested positive for COVID-19. The next few days started to really feel like a bad spoof of Containment. Celebrities were announcing they tested positive. Outbreaks were popping up. People that we thought were logical started saying really illogical things like, “Don’t let the government scare you into staying home.” I even saw some people saying “They want to live their life to the fullest so they will be going outside.”

 Imagine someone saying that right now? They would be instantly labeled Donkey of the Day.

If you didn’t know by the photo of meeting shoot, I play in the WNBA for the Atlanta Dream. I’m writing you from my condo in Buckhead. Again, that might sound like a flex but nope. Living in a condo during a pandemic is a tad bit inconvenient. I can’t dribble because there are people living below me. There’s obviously no hoop so I can’t shoot. How am I working out you ask? By doing variations of home workouts that would give Billy Blanks a run for his money. But the worst part of all is that I’m still going to be so out of shape when it’s time to get back on the court. Oy Vey.

As far as other leagues, it seems as though the MLB and the NFL are both working tirelessly to figure out an immediate solution. So much so that the NFL has started sending workout equipment to the players homes. I will say, I think safety is the most important thing, but other than hockey, i think football is the sport that has the most “protective” equipment. Now even having said that, I don’t think any sports organization should jump the gun. I know it’s not always the case, but money should never be put over human safety. I’m living in a dream world huh?

 Check back in with me June 1 for an update on all things sports.

- Renee Montgomery " WNBA Champion/Blogger"

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