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No Cap - I'm Not Human

Atalnta has been the epicenter of music for the last five years but I found it strange that locals were clamoring to share an artist from outside the 285 perimeter. It was a young man out of Mobile, Alabama who had a very interesting name being dubbed NoCap. At that time, the record “Ghetto Angels” was just starting to circulate and all I remember thinking is that this melodic trap with a flair of country was unique. The next year and half would be a roller coaster for NoCap as he was out to build on the success he found. From signing to Youngboy’s imprint Never Broke Again and releasing 4 mixtapes to facing legal trouble and losing valuable time in his career.

Now with Cap presumably on the better side of his legal battles and focused more than ever he is back to debut his new body of work with Steel Human.With sixteen songs and a runtime of 46 minutes, Cap shares a plethora of sounds and vibrations to capture all of his fanbase. He starts fast with the title track “Steel Human” and dives right into a treat for longtime fans with“Overtime”:  a silky smooth banger that Cap teased a year earlier.

The song “Instagram Models” was good filler as it showed some good lyrical flexibility and energy. Cap also recruits DaBaby to create an instant go-to with the track “Rich Criminals” which sees the two rip a dope Al Geno beat. Cap of course shines here with his wordplay with lines like “ I was thirteen, bought a rocket, felt like James Harden” which lands perfectly with a planned  808 drop.

Recent video release “Radar” and “Gangsta Cryin” are  melodic driven ballads that really allow Cap’s powerful vocals to peak through and show that he is not afraid to step outside of his comfort zone. 

“By Tonight” sees cap return to his early country rap days with every line either being the setup or the punchline. The whole 3 minutes is filled with gems but “shoot me middle fingers, I say when like I’m Vietnamease” might be the craziest line that I ever heard. 

Rounding out the first half of the album, “Count A Million” ft Lil Uzi Vert might be the only miss on the project as neither its good or bad but rather just not what was expected from a Nocap and Uzi collab.


“Wait Your Turn” ushers in a new side of Nocap that fans might not be aware he had. Opting for a more slow paced instrumentals and a more intimate direction in lyrical content. 

On the back half of this album NoCap has songs like  “Jail Time” and “Moose Sayin” to speak to the very people that got him in the position he is in now: the streets. Detailing his own personal trials and tribulations and tries to offer some inspiration even going as far to say “ I Know I’m God sent, you can smell it on me.”


Jaquees comes in as only the fourth feature on this entire project and actually delivers on the love song “Spinal Cords” adding a much needed R&B twist on such a heavy trap mixtape. NoCap wraps up Steel Human on a very high  note with songs like “Ghana” and “Surgery” With both being personal favorites Cap has his brightness moments and both songs are some his most polished to date. Everything from beat, flow, to lyrics Cap leaves us with the definition of an album cut.  With Steel Human being NoCap’s third mixtape in a year and half, it is prevalent that he has been locked in on the music and ready to plan a major takeover. This project displayed a level of growth and maturation from Cap as an not only an artist but a person. Steam Steel Human on all DSPs 

Atalnta has been the epicenter of music for the 5 years but I found it strange that locals were clamoring to share an artist from outside the 285 perimeter.

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