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KrizE: He Worship Different

Name : KrizE

Age (optional) : 28

City : Statesboro, GA

IG : @krize.young

Label : Independent

Career Path (artist, producer, writer, musician, etc) : Artist

Genre : Rap

Latest Project(s) :

  • Greater19 “Welcome to the Boro”(album)

  • Greatness(single)

  • Church in da T.R.A.P prod. Mr. 2:17(single)

What is your creative process when making music?

  • For me it all starts with the thoughts or ideas I want to get out of my head. Next it’s how I want to express these thoughts musically. I naturally gravitate toward making trap style music but I love lyrics. It’s not just about cadence and flow for me it’s about the bigger picture of what I want to express to myself and my audience. In most cases when creating I make music that deals with me and try my best to express it in a way everyone can relate too. 

What influenced your latest project(s)?

  • My latest album “Greater19 Welcome to the Boro” was influenced by me going solo and working on my first project on my own. I wanted to elevate musically as an artist and personally in life. I also wanted to dedicate it to my hometown and share bits of my perspectives on how we can be greater as a community. God, Family and Present Experiences impacted me with the project.

  • My latest single Greatness was influenced by the thought of me failing. In that thought I realized that every failure is what has been preparing me to be successful all of my life. Sometimes life hits you hard and you feel that you aren’t making gains. I realized that all the great and successful individuals in our society are great at failing and getting what they believe they’re worth. The world doesn’t owe us anything we have to put in work to get it. 

Are there any people who inspire your work?

There are many people/artists who inspire my work: Personally my family inspires me alot musically. 

I’m also inspired by artists like; Lecrae, KB, Lil Baby, Meek Mill, and Kendrick Lamar. There are more but these are like a go to list of rappers who inspire my work. 

What message would you want your listeners to receive from your work? Have you faced adversity within your career? How do you handle that? Outside of music, what else can we expect from you?

I would hope that my listeners receive inspiration from a spiritual standpoint. Yes I’ve faced adversity a few times in my career. The way I handle adversity is by controlling what I can and accepting what I can’t. Seeing the bigger picture and keeping the main thing the main thing. I accept the fact that adversity is the part of the process of growth. Outside of music you can expect me at some point to executive produce a visual short and maybe write a few books. 

What do you feel like you bring to the culture of music?

I feel like I bring a more sense of genuineness to the culture of music. I do my best to focus on positive and relevant content for our culture. I also want to help reshape the image of what rappers/hip hop artists are. In particular as it relates to me being an African American Husband, Father, and Spiritual Leader in my community. 

How do you promote your music in these trying times as an artist?

I’ve definitely been trying to keep the fire lit lately. One way is just looking for more effective ways to take advantage of social media, growing my presence and digital footprint. I have music the world hasn't heard yet but there’s still the principle that I have music available in the market now that the world still hasn’t heard. Working with my manager and the Coalition Kingdom Djs has definitely helped in that regard.   

Who do you listen to outside of yourself when it comes to music? What makes you different from all other artists?

  • I listen to artists like; Lecrae, Reconcile, KB, Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Baby, 1kphew, Future, Wande, kanye West. 

  • I think what makes me different is my authenticity. I hear a lot of music today and it sounds the same and that’s ok, this is how the industry works. You have to adapt and move with the trends whether that is the sound, cadence, style, etc… I have the ability to pull things from multiple artists but still be myself and sound like myself.  

Are there any other artists you would love to work with?

  • I would like to work with these artist, they’re like my top five ; Lecrae, KB, 1kphew, Reconcile, and Kanye West

What's your demographic that you are trying to reach?

  • I’m trying to reach those that fall in the age group of 18-35. I believe young adults and millennial age groups can really gravitate to my message and sound. 

What main social media platform do you prefer to use for promoting your music? What can fans expect from a show by you if they brought a ticket?

  • I really rock with IG as a main social platform so if you are trying to really see what's going on with me you will definitely see something going on there. 

  • If you buy a ticket from me you can expect me to definitely have some energy, dreads swinging, bass jumping, swaggin out to the vibes. Just don’t buy a ticket and be like he's dead, if you're dead. I’m driven so you can always expect to see energy. 

What do you want to achieve by being an artist?

  • I would definitely like to be one of the first artists from my city to chart on billboards, headline a tour, and give back to others from my community. 

  • I hope that I can at least have a Gold record that reaches, impacts, and influences a diverse group of people. 

  • I want to create art that's unending so when I’m done I can at least say to myself I gave it all I had. 

Has there ever been a time when you wanted to give up? If so, tell us.

  • I can’t even lie there haven’t been many times where I felt like I wanted to give up. But I’ve recently been battling with this and it’s the first time I’ve had to really battle with that idea in my mind. But I thank God for having a strong camp of individuals around me first being my Wife who consistently shows me she has my back. Secondly my manager who motivates me and shows me how I’m just getting started. I've only been solo for 1 year and 7 months. Sometimes I find myself counting the days for when this thing really pops off for me. But I realize it’s a process and I’m not entitled to anything. I have to get it, “Talk cheap gotta live the vision”. 

When should we expect another masterpiece from you?

The next masterpiece for me is definitely coming in the first quarter of 2021. Working on some new visuals next month to push my second single with my album. But 2021 we are going to infinity!

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