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Giveon - R & B is Back

Thursday, Long beach, CA singer songwriter,Giveon, released his second EP of his young career with a 4 pack titled When It's All Said and Done

2020 has seen Giveon shoot to the top of the R&B game when he found a placement on Drakes Dark Lane Demo Tapes back in May. Fans were quite surprised by the relatively unknown singer but were quickly made aware why drake sought out the 25-year old artists as he belted away with his unique sound. 

Since, Giveon delivered his debut project, an eight track EP Take Time, further cementing his staying power with cuts “Like I want You” and “Heartbreak Anniversary.”  Although Giveon decided to scale back the number of songs on his most recent body of work, he does nothing but continue to improve hsi craft and his own flair to an already stacked roster of R&B across the board. 

As the title track serves as a nice vocal performance and a clever interlude where he hears Giveon say “that's over with”  the greatness begins with “Still Your Best.”

Giveon’s emotions are on full display as he boasts about being his once love interest best with lyrics “This the one you talkin 'bout that's supposed to take my place down, is this for real? (Hmm)/It's almost disrespectful/That's a downgrade and you know it/Still your best, me, still your best, me.” Here giveon has to confess that no matter who the other person experiences, his love is still greater.

The EP ends kind of abruptly but not without giving us one of his most beautiful tracks “Last Time”, a most desired collaboration with Snoh Aalegra. Both sound great together in harmony as they share such rich and intermittent lyrics and not to mention they have a bouncy instrumental to work with.


When It's All Said And Done serves as the appetizer to the unnamed main course that is sure to come soon. Giveon has had himself a year scoring big with a Drake feature and finding his own way in the industry with consecutive EP releases in his rookie year. For Giveon, the only thing left to accomplish on this stellar start is release his official debut album. Til then stream When It's All Said And Done on all DSPs today.

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