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George Floyd : Breathe For Him

I can’t breathe.” The words of distress, helplessness, fatigue and provoked. The words from a brother, a father, a son, a friend, a HUMAN. Those same words pleading out to America to hear us, to hear him. “I CAN’T BREATHE,” George Floyd said. “I can’t breathe,” “I can’t breathe,” “I can’t breathe”! As he takes his last breath. A senseless murder has just happened; and Black-America, is sick and tired of our men being targeted as if it were a sport to hunt and kill us. Now, watch us breathe for him, for us, for the world to change, and for our people to be treated equally once and for all. Join us as we breathe on behalf of senseless killings, racism, discrimination, prejudice, and police brutality. We are not animals ! we are human !

On May, 25, 2020, a brother by the name of George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis. Floyd, was accused of using counterfeit money at a local store, which later resulted in the store owner calling the police. Officers, Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J. Alexander Kueng, were the first responders at the scene; yes, four officers to arrest one man. Video surveillance and bystanders filmed the interaction between Floyd and the four officers. Floyd, complied with the officers and did not resist arrest. In fact, Floyd seemed restless as he was being handcuffed. Derek Chauvin, decided that George Floyd being handcuffed wasn’t enough, so he and two of the other officers pinned Floyd to the ground, while Tou Thao effortlessly stood there with no regard to the bystanders frustration, let alone to Floyd’s. More and more people started to gather around. People pulled out their phones, begged the officers to sit him up or place him in the car since he was already handcuffed, screamed in anger, all while Derek Chauvin, kneels on the neck of George Floyd for nearly ten minutes, killing him!

Derek Chauvin, now ex cop, murdered a man in cold blood. He had no remorse in his eyes. He could have cared less what he and his crew have done to someone who pleaded out for medical attention, that he couldn't breathe, and asked for help numerous times; even crying out for his mother in the midst of his life being taken. Chauvin did not budge, not even when medicsarrived at the scene to check Floyd’s pulse; Derek Chauvin stayed in position with his knee on George Floyd’s neck. He wanted him dead, so that is what he did. Kill a man!

Protesting, Riots, Looting

As a result to George Floyd’s murder and the many murders that have happend involving African American people, due to racial injustices, my people are livid! The protesting shortly started a few hours of Floyd’s murder. Many people all over the world marched for awareness of the ongoing battle that African Americans have to face everyday simply because their skin is black. All different races united during this time for the hopes that all four officers are charged and convicted with Floyd’s murder. As many people gathered for peaceful protesting around their cities, that was not enough for the ones who were filled with anger and disgust. When will we be heard? When will African Americans be treated equally? What needs to happen for y'all to hear us? Are some of the questions being asked. In despair, riots broke out amongst the people and police officers. As a reaction to the minimal respect that America has shown minorities, it was only a matter of time that violence and erratic behavior would be displayed as a last resort instinct from anyone who felt belittled, betrayed, shunned, or even mishandled by a country who is supposed to ‘treat everyone equally,’ or by police officers who vowed to serve and protect its people but doesn't use discretion when it’s needed the most. “How can we call on our country or our police officers when a simple 9-1-1 call can lead to someone's death” ? We should not be afraid to live in ‘The land of the free’.

If there is no justice, there will be no peace !

- Georgette Smith

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