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Freddie Gibbs

This past Wednesday saw Freddie Gibbs and legendary producer The Alchemist feed fans again with a visual for the album cut “Scottie Beam” from their collaboration project ‘Alfredo’. 

The video comes weeks after Gibbs and social media influencer DJ Akademiks had a back and forth on Twitter where Gibbs proved he is not only a great rapper, but also a great troll.Freddie uses lines within the track to create this visual like “Just let me go 'cause my license, insurance proper, sir I'd hate to be on the run for smokin' an officer"We were bustin' at police before Queen & Slim, that's on FN.” 

Gibbs and his female accomplice travel on a back highway in a drop top chevy. The camera pans out and a police officer can be shown in hot pursuit. An altercation occurs, resulting in Gibbs shooting said cop and “getting in the wind” as Gibbs would frame it.The couple can then be seen on the run to Florida just like the protagonist in Lena Waithe’s Queen and Slim. Rick Ross serves as the ally that is located in Florida who can offer a way out , delivering his lavish verse in what looks to be one of his Miami homes. Next thing we see is Gibbs and his woman hitch a boat ride with some shady looking individual.  Finally we see a phone conversation between Rick Ross and Gibbs, only sharing that Gibbs and his lady made it. Living the rest of their days in paradise over in Jamaica. 

Shout out Freddie Gibbs and company for putting together a dope visual for a dope song. Check out the “Scottie Beam” video over on YouTube.

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