Young Dolph On A Paper Route

Over the past month, Paper Route Frank Young Dolph has been busy to say the least. From the releasing of his sixth consecutive album since 2017 Rich Slave in early August, to hosting a giveaway of the same blue and orange Lamborghini that graces the cover of his new project, to now this past Wednesday dropping the first visual to hand in hand with his new body of work. Enter the simplistic but catchy “Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up”. 

Dolph described the first song off Rich Slave by stating “This song is literally my mood every morning I wake up.” with an emoji string of angry faces and fire. 

Dolph hit the nail on the head, “Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up” sees the mc detail his hustlers ambition over the drums of a vibey thumper.  Bandplay, who handles production this go round, does his best here to create a piece of art that dolph can use a canvas to paint pictures of motivation, inspiration, and determination. 

With lines like “We was down for so long, didn't have no choice but to go up.” or Thought myself how to get millions, ain't nobody show us.” Dolph makes it clear that success is the only option and there's absolutely no excuses.

Directing the video himself, Paper Route Pictures handles the camera work as Dolph creates the narrative of a hardworking businessman who keeps his chin down and does what he needs to do to survive. As we see flashes of Dolph either;washing, drying; and ironing clothes and chatting with customers as they come throughout the day. 

Although we see the hardworking Dolph, we also get a clear view of the Dolph who is not afraid to shine. Riding around in the very same Lambo he decided to give away to a fan earlier this week, presumably Dolph is giving the hood some much needed influence. 

Young Dolph has been one of the most consistent Mc’s in the game, always finding his niche and feeding them accordingly. Rich Slave and “Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up”  are  just more jewels in the crown of his long discography. Watch the official video for the single “Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up” over on YouTube today.

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