The Monkey In The Room


ets talk about the Monkey in the room. Corona, Police Brutality, Protests and who knows what the future holds for us. Will these recent changes have a lasting impact on the Music and Entertainment Industry? Or will it all just boil over and we get Back to shows, back to conferences, and back to networking in the industry? Either way, what can you do to help your music career survive during these changing times? Most of us have been stuck in the house on Quarantine for the last few months. To top it off, police kill an unarmed, innocent black man George Floyd, right in our faces. Right now the tension can be sensed everywhere you go and with everyone you encounter. Everyone is just tired of what is going on in America against Blacks. Now is the time for more “For the Cause” content, more focus on monetizing your digital content and all around more networking online will keep you surviving right now. We all could use a few pointers during these trying times. There's plenty of things out there you can do. However, I will touch on a few things that is proven to help your brand during any down time. 

As a Publicist, it's my job to know what is trending in the industry and how it benefits my clients brand. With mandatory lockdowns still in place in parts of the world, the old way of face to face networking is out the door at the moment. With that being said, you have to engage like no other online. Engagement is an art form on Social media, especially Instagram. Mainly because of the restrictions Instagram has in place for the amount of times you can comment, like, share and follow on someone’s page. In order to not get blocked for weeks, like i did before, you have to remember to pace yourself. Talk back to your followers. If someone comments on your page, don't just like their comment but actually ask a question or make a comment about what they posted. Be engaging on their page as well. As you are doing that keep an Excel or Google sheet of all your contacts. That way you always have the info, for releases etc. 

Most of us have nothing but time right now. Another thing you can do right now is send your top fans a shirt or some type of promo items. Include with it a QR code card so they can stream your music at any time. This is a very inexpensive way to engage with your fans, get streams and put ur merch out there for potential buyers. Who doesn’t like free stuff. If your current budget doesn’t permit, see what t shirt company you could possibly partner with. You would be surprised what some companies will do for free advertising. If you cannot find anyone, brings me to my next point. Increase your income. 

Right now there’s so much money out there. Money to small businesses, money to black owned businesses, money from the government and so on. Yet artists are claiming not to have budgets for the career they chose to pursue. All artists and anyone in the music industry should first apply to their state’s unemployment program. That’s an additional $600 weekly for an artist. Your business had to have been in order to apply and receive money from the PPP, EIDL and programs. I suggest you create an LLc or DBA on a friend’s or family. Be able to provide proof that your line of work was affected by COVID-19. Hopefully my little two sense helped out a little for those wondering how to keep building their brand during these times.

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