Nipsey Hussle’s Legacy Lives On

Moving forward in life without the physical presence of Nipsey Hussle was not the marathon many of us imagined we’d have to run, but it was wrongfully forced upon us. On March 31, 2019, Nipsey was fatally shot outside of his Marathon Clothing store in LA. Just like that, one of hip-hop’s most celebrated artists had been ripped from the throne he spent over a decade building. As the news reports began to flood Twitter feeds, unwavering disbelief and a refusal to accept the tragic news reigned as the initial reactions from the hip-hop community. Questions flew into the air with each update, “Who would kill Nipsey?” “Why would they kill Nipsey?” Long after his life was honored at the beautiful memorial at the Staples Center and long after the previous questions were answered, one still remained without a certain answer, “How do we go on without Nipsey?”

In short, the answer to the question is that we shouldn’t have to. While Nipsey’s physical presence is no longer on Earth, his art, mind, and influence are everywhere. To say we’re continuing without him equates to irresponsibly forgetting all that he left us as well. Long Live Nip!!! The Marathon Continues....

Nipsey was on the road to becoming a legend in the worlds eyes. If you traveled into his past he has superseded that in a huge way. The changes he made to get where he landed was a blessing. Being from L.A its hard to make it out of the neighborhoods these rappers grow up in. We love Nipsey and he will forever live on.

- Terrence B

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