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Late last month Philadelphia rapper, Matt Ox, gave fans an insight to what he has been working on with the release of his new single “Dazed.”

Back in 2017, Ox first made waves with Philadelphia production house, Working On Dying, releasing singles “Overwhelming” and “Messages” at the tender age of 12.

Ox continued to further push his career into stardom when he was attached to one of the biggest records of 2018 when he accompanied the late XXXTENTACION on “$$$”, peaking at number two on Billboard’s Hot 100. Later that year he would go on to release his debut album, Ox, in which he employed some of Hip Hop’s greats with the likes of Valee, Key!, and Chief Keef.

Since, Ox has taken a break away from the limelight and seemingly falling into obscurity with the other acts from the early soundcloud period.“Dazed” will serve as a litmus test for Ox as he looks to get his name back in the mouths of Hip Hop heads alike.

With production stemming from frequent collaborator Forza, Matt Ox opts to shift his young career in a different direction than what he was previously known for.Beginning his career with a typical fast paced horrorcore sound, Ox elects for new vibes which sees him operate in more of a Pop sounding pocket. Ox also utilizes another instrument he neglected early on in his career, his voice. Although Ox is not perfect in any stretch of the imagination, he makes his sound authentic by leaving in his voice cracks and inconsistencies.

Even within the visual, Ox opts on a new direction. Usually being seen with his crew in the background, this time around he can be seen in a sunflower field solo, enjoying his time on a beach coast and swing set.

Last year, Matt Ox was relatively quiet on the music scene, not making any appearances or new music to be heard. “Dazed”will act as Ox’s attempt to recreate the same success he had nearly three years ago back in 2018.So far he is doing well with over half a million views on YouTube alone.

Stream Matt Ox’s “Dazed” on all DSPs now.

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