Lil Babys - Running The Charts

As a gift to his fans for their love and support, Lil baby has dropped a new track “Errbody”, part of a two pack of audio and visual releases.

With the Atlanta rapper's birthday just passing this past Thursday, Baby took to Twitter to speak directly to his supporters stating “Thanks For The Bday Wishes From My Fans & Supporters .. In Return I’m Dropping 2 songs 2 videos Tonight.”

Baby continues his massive 2020 with another two impeccable verses that detail his lavish style, love for his crew, and how he should be compared to no one, as his impact is reaching new heights.

I just hope they can take it, I keep me a Stallion like Megan/A residency out in Vegas/May fly to LA and go fuck with Lebron and the Lakers/Come back to Atlanta with Jayda.”

A stellar track like “Errbody” deserves a visual of the same caliber and Lil Baby does not disappoint employing Edgar Estevez, Daps, & Christian Breslauer for the task.

Literally living the out the lyric “I’m Flyer Than Everybody/Helicopter In The Middle Of The Hood/I’m Flyer Than Everybody,” Baby and crew can be seen living out their Call Of Duty Warzone fantasy as they fly in a jet black helicopter, draped in 4PF comando gear, completing theatrical missions.

Whether it be running down on internet gangsters or flying around the city to catch cap rappers, it's clear Lil baby wanted to send a message to his contemporaries with this release.

As Birthday Wishes continue to pour in for Lil Baby’s 26th birthday, stream his new single “Errbody” on all DSPs now.

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