Draco: "This Is Art"

Johny Draco is aiming to score big with his art. Check out the answers from the cultures own.

Are you from Atlanta or been here a while?

I was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, but I have been Atlanta for the majority of my life. 

What made you transition to Denver?

I originally transitioned to Boulder, CO to work for a company called Kidrobot. The company then moved to a location closer to Denver, and I decided that living in the city would better suit me. 

How did you discover your style?

To be honest with you I don’t necessarily see my style. Most people say its from color choice, but I think that style is an ever-changing art form.

 What’s your painting process like, is there music some sort of the ritual involved to assist you in creating?

There isn’t necessarily a ritual involved with painting. Though I will say that with me, the painting process can be very finicky. If I’m not in a very specific mood I won’t be able to paint properly.I guess this is why I practice other forms to get me through the struggles. Music does help get the motor running when beginning to paint ideas. Most concepts from paintings come from music and lyrics.Sometimes I might test myself to create imagery based on a line said, or even listen to a song on repeat until a new piece is created. 

If you could exhibit your artwork in any space, whether it’s in someone’s home or museum; where would you be happy seeing your work?

I’ve never really had a space in mind to display my work, although displaying back at ABV Gallery would be something of a dream. I interned there so having a show there would be something of a dream homecoming. I’ve also grown to love MCA Denver. Displaying my ideas and thoughts on those walls would be something Great.


 I know you’re an anime fan, who’s your favorite face-off between?

That’s a really tough one to answer. If I was a kid I would say the first Naruto and Sasuke fight. It was pretty intense, but being older now I have to give the title to Son Vs Pitou.

Animation is something you practice as well right, is there any other skillset you’d like to master?

Yes, there is a lot I want to master. I practice animation in both 2d and 3d form, but I want to learn more about photography, and architecture. 

When did you begin to understand your level of skill in the mediums you practice in?

I think I truly began to understand my level of skill by meeting others in the same field. You can learn so much and see how far you actually have to go.

If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?

If I could work with anyone, I would want to work with Nike. I’ve always wanted to make my own shoe.

The brand alphabets that you do, how did you come up with that idea?

The idea originated from Inktober. I was trying to think of a consistent theme to help me practice drawing, and so the alphabet became an idea. Its something everyone automatically relates too.

What’s your career taught you about yourself thus far?

True and honest hard work sets you apart, and that sleep is important.

If your legacy were to end now, what would be written on the tombstone?

If it all were to end now I’m not sure what would be written on my tombstone, but I hope it has something to with inspiring others.

Johnny Instagram( @johnnydraco_)

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