Baegera is Londons Savior

New and exciting artist Baegera is exploding onto the music scene with his new single,“ Seen You Before.” "Seen You Before" is a sensual pop afrobeat club track topping the charts in London garnering attention from some big names in the music industry. Baegera is aligning himself with the best of the best to leave his mark.

What is your creative process when making the song Seen You Before?

I remember coming out of the booth having just cut another song we’d wrote. Then Varren was on the guitar with this catchy riff. Mikey & Mo cooked up a beat. The vibe just got me singing Havana by Camila Cabello. Then he sees Varren running in the booth and laying down the hook. Literally the first take of the song was written.

Then it was just about the lyrics. We couldn’t stop listening to it on repeat!! I was super excited to cut it.

What influenced your latest project(s)?

Coming to Atlanta influenced my vibe. Working with the Greats opened up the music we made. I was bringing my existing sound and Atlanta brought its raw rap feel. Can't wait to share the new music.

How was it working with Harmony Samuels?

We never worked together. It was actually his brother Mo Samuels who made the track with Mikey. It was when the track was made and we then went to see his brother that’s when he said it was a “smash”.

What made you want to make music with an afrobeat type of vibe?

From a young age I was listening to 2-Pac, LL Cool J, Ja Rule. Then I was influenced by Pop music. Spending time with producers and artists with the afrobeat vibe really shaped my sound.

Who have you collaborated with so far in the music industry?

I can’t really say the name of the feature on the next track until release. But ive worked with S.O.S, DJ Camper, Jazzy Faye, Drumma Boy, etc.

What message would you want your listeners to receive from your work?

My work is making people feel good. When they need to escape from life and party!

Have you faced adversity within your career? How do you handle that?

There was in the earlier part of my career. I grew thick skin that helped me listen to myself and cut the haters out.

Outside of music, what else can we expect from you?

I love sharing my mindset with ppl. Around the world I have ppl would come to me for support. I realized that anything is possible in life and if I don’t do it then someone else will. During my music journey I am gonna continue to share the positive mindset.

What do you feel like you bring to the culture of music?

I have my own lane of music. There hasn’t been an Indian-cross over bringing afrobeat. Bringing energy and positivity is what gives ppl the mindset. I bring encouragement that anyone from any background can do music.

Are there any other artists you would love to work with?

I have a whole list!!! My top one has to be Post!

What do you want to achieve by being an artist?

Music is my life. Being in the studio or being on stage. Just living my best life and giving back to the world.

When should we expect another masterpiece from you?

The catalogue is ready, it's just the Politics of the labels... it's coming real soon! So stayed tuned.


- Terrence B

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