Amine Is Back

Coming off a two year hiatus, Amine looks to spring back into action with a light hearted visual for his new single ‘Riri’ Promptly titled after the Fenty Beauty owner.

Quarantine has not been enough to stop Amine from working and progressing with his craft, co-directing the ‘Riri’ visual with collaborator Jack Bergert. During the video, Amine and friends travel around Los Angeles in a Rolls Royce hoping from mansion to gas stations, vibing with one another. ‘Riri’ also features cameos from instagram personalities, who seem to replace the vixen role with some nice B roll footage from home.

The visual comes weeks after the Black Lives Matter movement gained traction around the globe and Amine didn't miss his opportunity to shed light. Giving a statement alongside the ‘Riri’ video sharing that this was a prerecorded project, not to be insensitive to the lives lost in weeks past. Amine also wrote “Activism is essential right now so I put my focus there for the past few weeks.” Adding that it was imperative to drop the video at times like this to show black prosperity and joy when news outlets and social media will not.

As we wait for Amine to give us a full length project, stream ‘Riri’ on all platforms.

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